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What causes of hair loss?

Naturally, people have hair loss about 50-100 strands/day. If the loss is more than 100 strands of hair, that means they have hair loss problems.

You can prevent hair loss problems with right step if you know the triggers as below:

1. Disease
If you have scalp fungal infection, you prone to hair loss problems. And people with diabetes, lupus and thyroid problems can also have hair loss problems

2. Hormone
Unbalances hormonal can also trigger hair loss. During pregnancy or after birth, many women concerned with hair loss because hormone switching and unbalanced. But it's just happen shortly.

3. Drugs.
If you are doing chemotherapy, vitamin A and birth control pills excess, can also having hair loss. Some people, who take medication for high blood pressure or medication for depression, can also have hair loss problems.

4. Stress
People with depression, stress or feeling emotional or psychological shock can gets hair loss such as high fever or a drastic weight loss.

5. Hair band.
Using hair band can cause hair loss. Let your hair loose or if you have to tie your hair, don't tied too strong.

6. Hairstyling
Hair coloring and the use of curly hair straightening iron makes hair to be easily broken.

7. Heredity
The risk of hair loss may increase if any family who have the same problem. Hereditary factors can also determine at age your hair start to fall out.

Those are some factors as hair loss triggers, may be able to give discourses for you.

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